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Welcome to the Townsville Buy & Sell Community - the friendly way to buy and sell.  Here you will find members ready to bag your bargains and/or sell their own goods. Buy, sell and swap anything you like!

We take no responsibility for any buying or selling addictions that WILL occur as a result of using this page! TB&SC is maintained and run as a not-for-profit organisation. We do not take a cut of your sales. 


Any exceptions to these rules will need to be approved by admin.

*NO SPAMMING* - Any attempt to do so will be deleted without notice and any repeat offenders will be banned.

False, misleading or otherwise untrue statements or sales will be deleted.

Items are described and priced as per our client's instructions. These are usually priced at the lowest the client will go as they are being advertised for QUICK SALE (collection ASAP) as they are usually clients who are suddenly relocating, elderly or otherwise unable to do their own selling. 

If you are the first person to ask a question about the product this is the beginning of a transaction. From here please advise the seller if you'd like to complete the sale or offer to the next person.

Buyers, please make sure you keep communication open with the seller, ask all the questions beforehand and make sure you follow through with the sale.

We request that a pickup day and time be organised and confirmed within 12hrs of the buyer committing to the sale. If this is not done within the timeframe then the seller has the right to relist.

If your item has sold, please remember to delete it so that interested buyers aren't wasting their time looking at sold items.

Please do not list the same item EVERY day. Twice a week is more than enough.

Please do not provide your private details on the site, have buyers or interested party email you. 

Please be courteous to other page users. Explicit and inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Repeated inappropriate behaviour will result in the user being banned.

Please only provide one image for each item. Email pictures directly if more are requested. If you have more than 10 items to sell we suggest members create an album and post the link to the wall where members can access.

All selling posts must have a price. Those unsure of pricing need to at least have a minimum price they would consider. This just saves time for both buyer and seller.

Anything without descriptions or prices will be deleted.

When your item has been claimed please advise under the photo who the item is on hold for and the a date the hold expires (eg: ON HOLD FOR A.SMITH UNTIL MARCH 30th).


No responsibility is taken by admin regarding false information, failed transactions or faulty goods. If you would like TBS to advertise or promote something, contact them via email and make your request.

For any other information, requests or assistance don't hesitate to contact us. We do try our best to make everyone happy (although it may be impossible). This website has been created to assist our community so please enjoy it. Thank you. :)

Townsville Buy & Sell Community